Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hmmm that is one way to look at it.....

I went to see a patient one time that was status post a breast mastectomy. I was there that day to remove her staples from the incision and empty her JP drains. We got to talking about Cancer and the treatments for Cancer. She was concerned about the chemotherapy that she was going to have to go through. I was talking her through her fears and it turned out most of them were based on the fact that her relative had colon cancer.
We had the following conversation:
Patient: You know they took his butthole off and put a butthole on his stomach
Me: (stifling a smile) Well what he had was removal of his colon and then they attach the remaining colon to his abdominal wall and attach a bag to it so he can still eliminate waste from his bowels
Patient: Yeah they put a butthole on his stomach
Me: Indeed they did.....