Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Have You Seen Her?????

One crazy, hectic, Friday afternoon I was planning to see my husband/wife patients at the end of the day. Their visits were typically uneventful, and I really enjoyed taking care of them. With his hearing loss, and her confusion, we often wondered if they were ok at home alone. But they complimented one another, and did just fine. As I walked up to the door, I checked my watch- just enough time to do my visits, and be on my way. I loudly knocked(so he could hear), and announced myself through the door, (so she wouldnt be afraid). I heard her come to the door, after I guided her through the process of turning the lock, then turning the handle(yes, I had to instruct her to turn the knob), she let me in. "Oh" she said, "You're here, let me go get my husband from the bedroom". I took my coat off, sat down on the couch, and started filling out my paperwork. After a few minutes, I still continued to sit there.. what was she doing??? By this point, frustration was setting in. I was now going to be completely off schedule. Waiting. Waiting. More waiting. Fifteen minutes had passed. Now I didnt know what to do.. go look for them or just leave. Well, I couldnt just leave. I slowly walked to the bedroom door, and called through the door "yoo hoo". Nothing. Now, I was starting to panic. I had to go in. I had to make sure they were ok. I slowly opened the door, as I peaked in, the lights were off. I became more nervous. I flipped on the lights to find the two of them in bed- SLEEPING!! She went in to get him, he was napping, saw him sleeping- and got in bed too! They both quickly sat up in bed looking more startled than I was, and she looked at me and said, "Who let you in????" After 30 minutes in the home, I never did get to do my visits. I told them I would be back tomorrow because they were napping now.


  1. Hey girls! I love this blog, it's hilarious--I keep checking for new posts, but you must be busy. Keep posting, and take care!

  2. Kim,
    We will try and update more frequently! I have to light a fire under Clara's ass sometimes;). We weren't sure anybody was reading. Thanks for your comment and I'll get up a new post tonight!