Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sorry for the Hiatus and Surely They Didn't.....Wait Oh Yes They Did

*I apologize for the blogging hiatus and promise to get up at least a post a week from here on out. Sometimes life just gets in the way of a good story.*

I go into many neighborhoods from very wealthy ones to the inner city. One thing has remained constant throughout all of them, people on all ends of the income spectrum plant fake flowers. I find this practice quite annoying, although I am not quite sure why I harbor such unnatural resentment for plastic flowers.
I was going to see a patient one day, in a fairly nice neighborhood, whom I had been seeing for quite some time. Off to the side of the path leading up to their door was a evergreen tree. Every time I walked by this tree something bugged me about it. It just looked off to me for some reason. I began to have suspicions that the tree was not what it seemed and it started to annoy me more and more. So one day I decided to veer off the path under the guise of dropping something so I could feel the tree. Well my suspicions were correct. My patient decided to plant a fake Christmas tree. In. her. yard. Now I have come to tolerate fake flowers but seriously people? A fake evergreen? No just No.


  1. Sorry, but, I do it every year. If I planted a real tree where I need a holiday display, the flowers wouldn't get any sun.

  2. This wasn't for a holiday display DD. This was a random fake tree planted in the middle of the yard in the middle of summer.